Computer wont boot up when there are more than 1 stick of ram.

I just built my computer today and for some reason it doesn't display on my monitor if I have more than one stick of ram. When I only have one stick of ram it will boot up and windows comes up on my monitor, but when I put 2 or more it just turns the desktop on and nothing on the monitor. Now let me start by saying I have tested each stick of ram and all 4 work.
On the same subject when my graphics card is plugged in it does the same thing the monitor remains black but the desktop is on whether I have 1 stick of ram or 4 sticks of ram. so pretty much I have 2 problems

I am running
CPU: Intel i5 3570k LGA 1155
Memory(RAM): 8gb(2x4gb) Patriot Gamer 2 Series
8gb(2x4gb) Patriot Intel Extreme Master, Limited Edition
SSD: SAMSUNG 830 Series
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870

Please Help I am spiraling into a depression because my computer works but not how its suppose to T^T

To Recap I have 4 sticks of ram and they all work fine tested by themselves, but when 2 or more sticks are put onto my motherboard the monitor stays a black screen with no signal but the desktop turns on.
Now with the video card with 1-4 sticks of ram it doesnt matter when plugged in the monitor will stay black with no signal but the desktop turns on. The video card has also been tested and works fine. Even with 1 stick of ram when the video card is inserted it just ceases to send a signal to the monitor having it stay black when te desktop is on.
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  1. Test it with the motherboard outside the case on an insulated surface (like the box it came in). Just install CPU/cooler, RAM, PSU, use integrated graphics to connect monitor. Short the 2 pins the pwr sw. plugs into to start.

    If it works, Then check in the case to see if you may have inadvertently added an extra standoff that may be grounding out the board.
  2. Tried it did not work sadly :( other than that I also am trying the MemOK! button but that is proving to not work very well =\
  3. Troubleshooting from afar is always dicey. But I'd have to assume the board is faulty.

    How did you get Win7 installed if it only works with 1 stick? Did you install Win7 with just a single stick?
  4. Yes I installed windows 7 with just 1 stick, but after an entire sleepless night I am fed up and am just going to conclude the board is faulty and RMA it back to newegg and buy a new one from a store nearby. thank you for the help
  5. I don't blame you for being upset. I've had my share of DOA boards. Motherboards are the most likely of PC components to be DOA because they contain the majority of components that can fail. Newegg is pretty good about RMAs though. They make it easy to accomplish the RMA and usually don't give you any hassle... unless you try to cheat them. Which I'm sure isn't your case.
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