Looking for recomended Motherboard for Quad core Q6600 775 socket

Dear members, This is my first post and i was really hoping if anyone could recomend me a good motherboard for a 775 quad core Q6600 proccesser? I went ahead and bought one thinking my AS Rock 775 socket Conroe 945G would work with it without really seeing if they were compatable but after trying and failing to make them work together i finely found out to my disapointment that my motherboard was to dated and would only take the core 2 duo's instead. Im looking to spend around 60-70pounds for one and preferably one that i can do some degree of overclocking? I will also be running a PCI express Nvidia Geforce 8800GT Alpha dog addition graphics card, 180 GB Sata2 Hard drive, 450Watt power supply and i will also buy what ever i need to go with it once i have bought the motherboard. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated as its been nearly three years since i last built a PC so im basicly starting from the begining again. Many thanks and all the best
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  1. I recommend you sell the q6600 on craigslist or one of the hardware forums and start over. If your original board still works with your old cpu, I don't recommend putting any more money into a socket 775 system. They are getting too old; good boards are getting scarce. If you still must use it, this is one example: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gigabyte-GA-G33M-DS2R-Motherboard-/270882259410?pt=UK_Motherboards_CPUs&hash=item3f11d741d2 (spend as little as possible)
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