DDR3 1600 in DDR3 1333 spec’d system.

DDR3 1600 in DDR3 1333 spec’d system.
I would like your thoughts on this please.
I have a Dell Precision T3500
CPU = Xeon W3570
FSB = 1333 MHz
CPU is limited to 24GB total RAM three channels six slots
Current config is 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333 = 4GB
I want to upgrade to 24GB RAM
I will use 6x4GB and will buy them all at the same time from the same vendor in hopes of getting them to match and play well with one another.
The question is assuming that 1333 and 1600 are the same price and same latency 9-9-9-24 can I safely buy the 1600 RAM with the thought that one day I might move it to a system that can support the faster speed. I want to make sure that the RAM runs at 1333MHz at stated latency. My system’s BOIS setup is not so flexible as most MBs bought ala carte in that I cannot tell the system what speed to run the RAM or what latency to expect. The system has to figure that out by handshake with the modules. I have zero interest in overclocking.
Thanks for your thoughts!!!!
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    It should be fine. The 1600 RAM can, and should automatically, clock itself down to 1333 without any issue. The only real issue is that you're paying a premium for the 1600 RAM performance that you're not going to be using. Given how quickly things tend to move, I might question the notion that you'd use it in some future system. In a year or two they may well have moved past 1600.
  2. Thanks, Cl-Scott!

    FWIW ASUSTeK has been my gold standard since 1998.
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  4. Installed 1600 RAM since it was cheaper than 1333 (go figure)

    Latency of the 1333 that was in the system was 9-9-9-24
    Latency of the 1600 that is new is 8-8-8-21

    So running the 1600 at a lower than spec freq it was detected and runs great at a lower latency than 1333 did.

    I have zero manual control over RAM settings with this MB so this is all via JEDEC/SPD tables.

    Very happy that I couldn't find 1333 memory from a name brand cheaper :)
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