Xeon 1225 with integrated graphics vs. nvidia quadro nvs 295/300

Hi, I'm in the process of ordering a basic lenovo e30 thinkstation for use in professional financial analysis (including dual display bloomberg setup; no gaming, CAD, etc.) and am trying to understand if it's worth getting a separate video card (nvidia quadro nvs 295 or 300) with a xeon 1220 cpu vs. taking xeon 1225 with integrated graphics. What performance differences should i expect? any other considerations? thanks
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  1. Please do not post questions twice, it just annoys people, and they really are far less likely to help you :|
  2. noted - deleted the other posting.
  3. Quadro boards can get very expensive very quickly. I would advise checking the system requirements of the software you want to use and following their recommendations. I suspect you don't need it.
  4. Unless your financial displays utilize a lot of 3D graphics, you should be fine with the Intel 3000 GPU in the Xeon.

    On the other hand, I assume that because of the use of this machine the cost difference between having the quadro and not having it will be negligible. So unless you are really trying to cut corners I suggest you get the quadro (or a FireGL).
  5. @ram1009: Your point is very true. They do get expensive quickly, but the ones he listed are $100-200 cards. I think he should get the quadro, and get something nicer like the 420 or 450.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. wasn't sure if should expect any performance/reliability boost for the apps i'll be using but sounds like the quadro is probably worth it even for my purposes (think it adds ~$100 to the system for the nvs 300).
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