[Solved] NVIDIA 3D gaming/htpc motherboard/memory question

Hi Guys

I am trying to put together a windows 8 - 3D desktop with eye infinity. I am looking at the Saphire 7970 card because it is 3d and eye infinity compatible. I am probably going with the 3770k or 3930k cpu. I need a MOBO with 2 Pci slots for Security cards. What new motherboard will work with 3d, win 8 and will have 2 Pci slots? I saw a Gigabyte MOBO advertised but not sure which one would work the best.
Also if someone knows of a good 3d compatible Blu Ray burner please let me know. Any suggestions on 3d touch screen monitors at a reasonable price?
Thank You Very Much
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  1. First, 3d and AMD cards don't go together (not the tech, just almost no support). You need to decide if you want eyefinity or 3D (nVidia)

    Secondly, go for the 3770K (or 3570k). The 3930k is nice, but not worth the price if you don't plan on using CPU intensive programs like video editing etc.

    And finally for the motherboard. Most mid-range motherboards have a few PCI slots on them. Brand wise, stick to ASUS, MSI or Gigabyte.

    As forthe screen and burner, no idea.
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