Should increasing my RAM be my next upgrade/purchase for what im tryin

Been goin through a learning process and hell at the same time with this latest build, but thanks to this build i know like 10 times more about computers than i did before. Anyways i remember someone telling me that getting more ram than i already have wouldnt actually benefit me, but instead make the computer work harder to use the extra amount of ram.

In terms of building computers the areas where i know the least are, when it comes to RAM/memory and power/PSUs. Been having nonstop problems with this build but im trying to fix it all myself so i can learn how to deal with problems when they arise and save myself some money instead of paying someone to fix my problems.

Anyways enough QQing about my computer, lets get back to the point. I remember being told that i had plenty of ram in my build and that somehow if i were to get more i would actually make my computer slower since it would be so much ram that the computer would need to go through/deal with. But ive always been told things and found out that the exact polar opposite of what im told is actually whats true.

Currently with my a bit excessive multitasking, which would be considered insane to most, on top of transferring files between drives, which is the norm for me. I would even be playing a game right now if i didnt have friends over. Im using 59% of my ram and between 7% n 13% of my cpu according to both my win7 gadget and logitech g13 software.

So mainly im trying to figure out if doubling up on my ram would actually make a noticeable difference, and or help speed up my multitasking, or if it would just be a waste of money, or actually do the opposite of what im wanting.

Lemme know what u guys think, and if you can pls provide some evidence or citation if its not too much to ask.

Heres a link to the ram im rocking, and im about to double the 32 gigs i already have up to 64 with the same sticks of course, followed by a list of the parts in my build:

Heres my build:
OS: Win7 64 bit Ultimate
CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X
Ram: 4 cards, 32 gigs of G.Skill Ripjaws Z 1866 Series, model F3-14900CL10Q-32GBZL, quad channel 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM, 1866 (PC3 14900) with 10 cas latency and 10-11-10-30 timing
GPUs: 2 NVIDIA GeForce 590 GTX Classified cards
Mobo: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
SSD: 1 Samsung 830 Series MZ-7PC512D/AM, 512 gigs SSD
HDDs: 2 2tb WD Caviar Black Drives, 1 3tb WD Green Drive, 1 3tb Seagate Barracuda for extra space
PSU: Corsair AX1200
Case: Cooler Master HAF X Blue Edition
Cooling: Corsair H100 Hydro CPU Cooler in a push pull config with corsair link and lighting kit
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  1. Using 59% of 32GB RAM? WHAT are you running in the background?

    Adding more ram will not make any noticeable difference. Your bottleneck in your system are hard drives. HDDs are the slowest thing in a pc, and the more "tasks" you run from a drive, i.e. copy files, the slower the system will get.

    If you want better performance put your HDDs in RAID or get a RAID card to get the most out of RAID.
  2. CPU 18%
    RAM 43%

    Everything is running from my C drive which is the smasung 830 SSD, the only things open that are using other drives would be MS paint and the image previews of some screen shots from a game i have open.

    3 monitors in nvidias surround mode,
    53 tabs of google chrome in 3 separate windows
    7 instances/different MS Paint windows
    2 copies of diablo 3: 1 in surround windowed mode full graphics, the other in windowed mode 1920X1080 with lowest graphic settings,
    Corsair link dashboard
    2 windows picture previews (donno the name of the default program)

    In the background/task bar i have...
    cyborgs amBX illuminate software controlling 2 cyborg gaming lights
    microsoft security essentials
    hard disk sentinal (software to give me info on HDDs health and temps, and more)
    logitech gaming software for my g13 game pad and g600 mouse
    steel series software to allow for use with my steel series headphones
    razer synapse 2.0 configurator for my keyboard

    Then i have a notification for windows update and a java update.
    Windows is constantly telling me to update the computer and i always do, i only had 2 optional updates left which are named "Update for windows 7 for x64-based Systems" There are two and every time i try to install them i believe it fails to install or wants to reboot and then acts as if i never installed them. I currently have 1 important update wihich says "Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package" But that might actually be what i was trying to update that kept giving me the failed to update/install error or what have you.

    Ive been having issues with the bios, and gpu drivers ever since i bought the computer parts. I just had the video card and mobo replaced, sent em in to their companies, and have already had the gpu sent in for 1 repair and another replacement. At least now im not constantly being sent to the start up recovery screen like before and then having to deal with really old drivers and not restarting/installing anything that requires a reboot since that would usually cause me to go back to that start up repair screen which never worked unless i did a full recovery from a BUp i made or the computer made.

    Oh and for folders/directories or what have u open for easy access to screen shots, programs and other stuff i use for gaming.
  3. Can anyone help me out here? i Noticed im using 15% of my ram just having my AI suite up, razer synapse, steel series diablo 3 drivers/software, super antispyware free, microsoft security essentials, amBX illuminate controlling 2 cyborg gaming lights, fraps, and hard disk sentinel.

    Added in 40 tabs of google chrome diablo 3 in windowed mode at full graphics, itunes and a lil gadet/widget called free stop watch and now im using 32% of my ram.

    Ive never heard of ram needing drivers, but is this some kinda crazy ram that would require this, i just cant grasp why im having trouble with the RAM, and why i cant play diablo 3 in nvidias surround mode with more than 40-50 fps. I built this computer using the best of the best parts available last year basically. It should be able to handle battlefield 3 in nvidias 3d surround mode and multitasking, yet it cant even handle diablo 3 not in just surround or even 3d.
  4. Am i forced to pick a best answer on this? I got an email regarding some "new answers" when in fact no one has responded to either of my last 2 posts. I still need help and have no clue what to do. I purchased a brand new copy of windows 7 just to eliminate the fact that im using an image i burned to install it. But ive been having more and more problems. Computer is getting slower n slower. Having all usbs on my mobo reset as if i unplugged every device yet they retained power, then would somehow disconnected again and then reconnect. The whole process would take up to 2-3 mins where i cant use my mouse, keyboard, or headphones. Ive tried to figure out if a specific usb device is causing this but i cant find out what it is.
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