5750 or 6750

What is the difference between the two i know that they have some different hardware and such but is the 6750 more efficient as a card than the 5750 let me know. if so why ?
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  1. Budget, computer purpose(s), screen resolution?
  2. Basically they are the same card. The only difference that I can remember is that the HD 6750 has HDMI 1.4a instead of HDMI 1.3, and it is supposed to be a little better for playing back HD video.

    Otherwise when it comes to game performance, there is no difference.
  3. Well I Recently Bought A 6750, Only Beacuse The 5750 & 5770 Was Out Of Stock!
    And Yes The Only Major Difference Between The Two Is That 6750 Has HDMI 1.4a!
    No Difference In Gaming At All!
    Its Basicaly The Same Hardware, Rebranded With Some Very Minor Changes! If You Can Get The 5750, Then Go For It!

    PS: If You Can Really Edge Up Your Budget A Little, Get The 5770.. Its The Bang For The Bang In That Range!
  4. hey....does the 6750 work in only PCI-E- X16 slot?????(I mean the 1.0 or something like that...In my mobo spec. it's written that it has a PCI-E-X16 SLOT...
  5. Yes.. The 6750 is available only in PCI-E X16 2.0 And 2.1 ... And all PCI-E X16 2.0/2.1 cards are backward compatible with PCI-E X16 1.0/1.1...
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