Help with i5 2500k build

Ok, so all ive decided on is the processor:

and these are parts out of my current rig i am going to carry over:

WD 74gb raptor
Corsair TX750 PSU
Ati 4890
and my Soundblaster X-fi whatever model it is..

Microcenter is close to me and they sell the 2500k $40 cheaper than newegg.. so if possible, id like to get the rest from microcenter, but if the egg really has a better deal on something, ill order whatever needed from them.

what i need help with is MB, RAM, and an SSD.. please link me your suggestions... i am going to use my current ati4890, but i dont know whether to go ATI or Nvidia motherboard.. and i would like the option for dual video cards if i decided to do that someday.

I want 8gb ram

for the SSD i dont want to spend too much.. judging from prices im looking at getting one of the 120gb drives.. whats my best option? ... i am going to use my current wester digital 74gb raptor as a secondary drive.

as far as the case, i guess im just going to pick one out when i go look at them.. maybe only need suggestions for a dvd drive and an aftermarket CPU cooler..

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  1. ok, im thinking this for the SSD? OCZ Vertex 3

    and i have decided i dont need a dual card option motherboard.. i was thinking Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 ?

    would you recommend different choices?

    dont know what to get for ram
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