Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P problem with 2 cpus

Hello, I an having problems with my friends Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P motherboard. I sold him my old phenom ii x2 555 which I unlocked to a quad core on 2 mobos, but on his only 3 of the cores work, but the forth core does work on his mobo only for 10 mins then freezes. Here's the wired part before he had a Athlon ii x3 the forth core doesn't work on his mobo, but on my mobo the forth core works. So I have no idea what's up.
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  1. I think the problem is the mobo.
  2. If it can unlock the core and you know it is ok on another motherboard, try giving it a little extra volts. Not all motherboards provide the same volts and it may just need a little extra help.
  3. Ya I tried giving the cpu a little extra juice, but didnt make a difference. =( I know the phenom ii unlocks fine I used for about 2 years and had no problems with it unlock. So, I,m going to update the bios on the board to see if that helps.
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