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I am currently building my first gaming rig. I have read up quite a bit over the past three months regarding parts and ratings. I have decided that an i5 2500k is the perfect CPU to base my build on. an i7 2600k would be cool, but most likely not worth the extra 100$. My current parts include:

Case: HAF 922

CPU: i5-2500k

mobo: Biostar TZ68A+

GPU: MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin frozr II 2gb

PSU: Antec 900W

RAM: CORSAIR Vengance 8gb (2x4) 1600

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB


wireless: Rosewill wireless adapter

cooler: Hyper 212 plus

Also: high detail in gaming is important to me.

thoughts? suggestions? budget is around 1,000 (currently 995.90) but lower would be preferred.
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  3. I'd get a board capable of x8/x8 SLI in case you want to add another 560 Ti later.

    This hard drive is better.

    Great build, have fun.
  4. What mobo would you suggest around the 100-150$ mark?
  5. P67A-GD55-B3 LGA 1155 P67 Intel ATX Motherboard good motherboard for 140 also check for parts on microcenter as they can often be much cheaper especially CPU also the 2gb on the gpu is a waste if you don't have multi monitors
  6. I would prefer to have a z68, I have heard good things about SSD Caching. Why would P67 be the better way to go? (still learning this stuff) I plan on running two or three 23" 1080p monitors (not in my current budget).
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    the asrock extreme3 gen3 runs 2 x8 and is a z68 mobo. A good cheap ssd is the crucial m4 64gb, personally i would put my opporating system and favorite game on it.

    oh and i suggest the spinpoint f3 hdd, fastest 1t on the market:

    also you don't need a 900w psu even when running 2 of the 560ti's... Probably closer to 750, so consider putting the money you save into an ssd.
  8. xbm greatsoldier said:
    What mobo would you suggest around the 100-150$ mark?

    This one.
  9. Thanks guys!
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