Should I buy a second hand mobo?

There's an asrock z77 extreme4 for sale second hand. It's 45 euro cheaper than it is brand new, it's only been used for a couple of months. should I buy it or go for the more expensive brand new one.
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  1. Its up to you... If your building a whole new rig then i would buy brand new because you know its a good part and anything goes wrong your covered. With buying 2nd hand its sketchy because it may have been abused or damaged.

    If your just looking for a cheap upgrade from your old parts then id understand. Me personally i wouldn't put used parts into my computers. I would just save up the extra few bucks and buy at a later date so you know what your receiving is first quality.
  2. see these price and the card got full warranty and check with the price you will pay
  3. Thats your call to make, personally i wouldn`t put used parts into my pc.
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