Looking hardware which support Virtulization


I am looking for the best hardware with support Virtualization.

i am looking for mother board with support of 16 to 32 GB of Ram,

2 TB HDD, on-board graphic.

and good processor which support VT

Suggest me with good processor(intel or AMD) with model

my budget is 2000/- to 25000/-


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  1. I would look at the Intel Core i5 series CPU and a Gigabyte or ASUS socket 1155 motherboard. Just select the model which best fits your budget. These are compatible with most major memory brands such as Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin, Gskill, etc..

    You will need to go into the BIOS as the board first boots up to insure that Virtualization is enabled. It is on by default on most boards, but I have seen some that were not.
  2. also i know that my mother board also has hardware virtualization .. gigabyte ud5 890fx ... it is socket am3 ... so you could use a phenom .. and they support up to 16 gb ram on my board..
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