Cooler Master Evo 212 vs the old Coolermaster 212 Plus

So today I was looking at my local computer shop at the old Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and saw they had dropped the price from $28.99 to $21.88.

So I said to myself hmm not bad.

I was looking at the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and they have it for $34.99.

So I started to ask myself what are the differences. The only difference I can find is that the heatsink pipes on the bottom are simply pushed closer together leaving no caps for air to form and flatter surface. In theory (again this is theory nothing proven) this should provide better heat cooling then the previous model.

Everything made sense to me but still I tried to find benchmarks were someone actually tested the 2 side by side to really see if there was a difference (at stock and overclock).

Alas I couldn't find much.

I personally have tried and own the 212 plus model and its great. I was thinking of getting 212 evo but if it does the same job as the 212 plus I would rather pick that up and save some cash.

Hoping someone can tell if there is a significant difference between the two or if someone has a link to benchmarks where the two heat sinks are actually compared.
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  1. sosofm said:

    Yeah I found that same article while researching. While the article discusses the minor improvements over 212 plus version it doesn't really don't show any benchmarks/tests to prove if the improvements the evo offers work or in fact are better then the 212 plus.

    I really wished when they did the benchmark tests that they actually included the hyper 212 plus in it. However they didn't. As you can see the article shows every heatsink except the old 212 plus:

    These are the only 2 sites I found that actually compares the two in benchmark tests:

    I don't know if the results are minor or huge.

    I am hoping someone one can give me a suggestion/idea from personal experience if performance wise its worth spending the money on a 212 evo or is it better to spend that money on old hyper 212 and save some cash.
  2. I think at most the difference would be 2 to 3 degrees. What are you planning to do with your computer?
  3. Engima said:
    I think at most the difference would be 2 to 3 degrees. What are you planning to do with your computer?

    Planning to do everything from programming, internet, gaming, etc.

    I may overclock the system later on but that's another story.

    For now I went to my local computer shop and picked up the Hyper 212 Plus for $21.88

    I felt that it was the better buy over the evo which was priced at $34.88.

    I didn't have much confidence in the evo and I have used 212 plus heatsink in another build and I know it works.

    Everyone talks about the advantages but no one has yet proved in real benchmark testings which is the better heatsink.

    So until I see a few more benchmarks that show the evo is 100 times better (or the price comes down to match the 212 plus) i'm gonna keep using the 212 plus series.
  4. Then use the 212+. If you find this is .buy it
  5. The 212+ is proven to work so there really isn't a wrong choice in this matter, the only decision to make is how much one wants to pay.
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