Suggestions on a new PC. 'Low Budget'

Hey :hello: , I took a break from gaming for about 2 years. And 2 years ago my laptop could handle CoD BF and other games. Now it cant handle anything. Or atleast the games I want to play. I wanna be able to play BF3 and Diablo 3 when it comes out. When I play Bf3 I can't move.. seriously I cant lol. So I need a new pc.I am going with a desktop this time instead of a laptop. But don't have a lot of money. Would like to stay under 700-750$ I am not ordering the parts and making my own pc, I have never done anything like that. So I'll just customize one off of cyberpower or ibuypower lol. If some one could list some parts that will be able to handle these games, Within my budget :D that would be awesome thanks! Idk even know if 700$ is enough to get a PC that will handle BF3. But that's why I came here.
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