Need help with physx

Right now I have a i7 950 with a 460 gtx ssc edition.

My questions is would it be benificial to throw my old 8800gt 512mb card in and use it as a physx card? If I were to do that do i need to use the sli bridge connector still? would a 650W power supply be enough?
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    Do you play any games that feature GPU accelerated PhysX? That's really the first question that needs to be answered.

    If so, give it a try with the 8800GT. You will not need a SLI bridge. I'm not sure about the power supply, but I suspect it will be enough if it is a quality unit.

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  3. ended up getting a 9800 gtx 1gb edition. started up crysis 2 and it froze. so tried again and same. im guessing power issue? anyways thanks for the help.
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