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Manli 9500gt No display

frndz i have 9500gt and few days ago it stopped giving display. when it is mounted in pc there is no display graphics card ports but there is display on builtin vga card.. someone told me to try to install bios on the other hand i watched videos on youtube about baking a card.plz help me out in this matter what should i do know..any thing possible :fou:
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    How long have you had the card? It might have blown you know!
    Or could be a PSU issue or maybe your motherboards PCI-E Slot Problem!
    We Need More Details, Like What PSU You Have,Rating Etc. And Your PC Specs Too!

    Anyways here is what you Can Do:-
    1. Take Out The Card And Try It On Someone Else's Computer!
    If That Works Out, It Means Your Card Is Fine!

    2.Change The PSU To A Higher One And See If The Card Runs On Your Setup!

    If It Works It Means That Its A PSU Problem! If It Doesnt Then Its Your Motherboard's Problem! You Have A Faulty PCI-E Slot!
  2. i have changed my motherboard 2 days ago after this problem and psu too..
    nothing happened.....
  3. Well then its the card. If u still have warranty on that card, give it back to the dealers!
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