Need Help Choosing Gigabit Switch for Home Network

I'm in the market for a gigabit switch. After [finally] making my server, I'm starting to get impatient with my 100Mbit network. I'm currently just living with a family member while attending University, but I'm wanting to get something that will still suffice once I get my own place. My only real requirements are that it be gigabit (obviously), it have more than 5 ports, and it not be too expensive. I'm reluctant to give a budget, as it kind of depends on how many ports the switch is. The 8-port switches I've looked at are all around/under $100, so let's say that. If it's a higher port-count switch, then the budget is a bit flexible. I am a poor student though, so as little money as possible would be fantastic :D

I'm still not entirely sure what the benefits of a managed switch are over an unmanaged one, but I'll assume that I'll probably never need any of the features anyways? Lemme know if I'm wrong :D

Right now, I've got my Desktop, my Server, and my PS3 on the wired network. I can pretty much guarantee there will be more once I move out. I also have numerous wireless devices, but that's not really relevant. I have a Wireless N router that claims 150Mb wireless connection (probably isn't, but I digress) which I'll set up as a wireless access point most likely.

I would prefer for the switch to be available from, as there's 2 of them within driving distance. Newegg, eBay, or other online vendors are fine as long as shipping to Canada isn't atrocious.

I was looking at a couple of the following switches, but they're just kind of what I found right away without doing any research:

Netgear GS108T-100NAS:
TP-Link TL-SG1008:
Netgear Prosafe GS108NA:
TP-Link TL-SG1008D:

I've had good luck with TP-Link products in the past, not sure what the general consensus is on them.

Anyways, lemme know if I left anything out.


- Jesse
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  1. Managed switches just have more smarts in them, like you can set up QOS and vlans stuff like that. I wouldn't think you would realy need it for a small network. Unless your in to networking and want to play around with it.

    I just got a 24 port gigabit managed for $150 off eBay.
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  3. Awesome, thanks guys :)
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