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GPU Lower pixel Fillrate

Hi,i recently realized that my 6670 characteristics are different among other 6670's,the ROPS and the Pixell Fillrate are lower than usual,in the next image the one in the left is my video card characteristics,in the right is the characteristics of another 6670 owner:

I was wondering if this is a issue of the car or is it because of my monitor,its a Samsung LCD B1930N with max resolution of 1366x768,or is something else?processor?motherboard?my mobo is a Gigabyte MA78LMT-S2 with PCI-E 2.0 .

I hope you guys get me out of the question :S
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  1. perhaps a custom or cut down version of the card your comparing it to - some manufacturers get deals and get chips that are a little unique, could also be a bug in the program - they are different GPUZ versions shown
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