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Computer Freezes and won't reboot, some times giving me 1 long beep

Hi I am having a very frustrating problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with. About a week ago my computer begin freezing up when I was using it. The display would turn off then on, then the computer would lock up requiring me to restart it. However after turning it off and back on it would not turn on, the screen would just come on black and I wouldn't here a post beep. If I left it off for a while it would turn on, but if I tried to use it, it would eventually do it again.
I ran some diagnostics using the ultimate boot cd, I tested the CPU, Memory, and HDD, all passed with flying colors. I tried a new video card and a new power supply but neither have made a difference. It just locks up randomly and recently every once and a while after restarting the computer I get one long post beep, which I believe is a memory issue. So I tried new memory and still have the same issue, and every once and a while get the one long post beep, even with only one stick installed.
I'm inclined to believe this is a video problem or a windows problem but the post memory issue is really throughing me for a loop. Oh and I also tried resetting the BIOS to fail safe defaults, after doing this I got the one long beep, I turned it off and back again and the beep went away but the same problem persisted in windows.
This is my system specs
MB: Abit IP35
Mem: 2 X Corsair Ballistic 2Gb DD2
HDD: WD Black 1tb
Video: EVGA 8800 Gt
PS: OCZ 600 W

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Thank you for your quick response.
    I have run a CPU test and a memory test, both using the UBCD. I used the stress CPU test and the Windows Memory Diagnostic test. I'll be honest though I've yet to find a test that would test the chip set and make me feel comfortable about the mother board as a whole.
    I tested the hard drive with the Wester Digital software, short and though.
    The interesting thing is the system never locks up durning testing, not once, I only have issues in Windows.
    Unfortunately I don't have another system that I can test the components in.
  2. How are temperatures of your videocard?

    It usually don't beep for software problems.
  3. Thank you for your help!
    It seems very hot, unfortunately I didn't get a temp from the computer. I did measure it on the heat sink at 122. For that matter the memory was very hot also, in troubleshooting I removed them to re-seat them and I was unable to touch them for a good couple of min's. But I did try another known good video card and I had the same results.
  4. 122 F measured on the sink is a little high for me but it is not decisive. How do you measure it? Can you measure the same way the temperature of the ram modules? If you can't stand the temperature it should be like 60+ C /140F/ which is kind of concerning. Maybe your entire case needs better ventilation.
    You may use this free soft to measure temps of some components: or I personally use EVEREST EE, it's now AIDA, there is a shareware version of it:
  5. Thank you for your help!
    I measured it with a Infrared Thermometer. I will do the same for the memory tonight.
    Right now I've been testing it with the case open, so ventilation is not the issue right now.
    Why would both the memory and the video card be hot, could the mother board be the issue?
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    If it's not the ventilation, it may be the power supply /PSU/ delivering wrong voltages.
    I would mind motherboard problem after checking out the PSU.
  7. In troubleshooting I found that the fan exhaust on the video card was covered (it is a 2 slot fan and they didn't remove the cover on the lower one), not allowing the air to flow from the video card. I have tried another video card and it is still locking up.
    Do you think this could have damaged the mother board?
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