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Graphic Card under 100$

Hey Guys
I am looking for a graphic card of nvidia or ati radeon. My budget for that is max 100$.
My computer's specifications are as follows:

Motherboard - ASUS P5KPL - AM/PS
Ram - 2 GB Kingston 800MHZ
PSU - 400W
CPU - Intel Core 2 DUO E7500 @ 2.93GHZ
Operating System - Windows XP SP2
Display - Intel G33/31 Express Chipset Family @ 384mb memory
17" LG LCD Screen

PLease suggest me and i'm a gaming freak.

i wanna play left for dead 2, resident evil 5, prince of persia - the forgotten sands, etc.

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    If yours is a good 400w then this is the best card for $100 right now;
  2. Thanx for reply

    I have heard about ATI Radeon HD 5670.....

    So, is that compatible with my pc configuration and also do tell me any direct x 11 graphic card as i'm going to install windows 7 on my pc....

  3. ok Thanx

    But isn't HD 5770 requires PCI Express 2.1 x16 whereas mine is PCI Express 2.0 x16, i think so

    Does HD 5770 work on mine pc and is 4GB DDR2 Ram will be sufficient.???

    What do u say.??
  4. Also my PC's power supply is 400W....
    & the website says 450W recommended for HD 5770...

    Will that work or i have to upgrade my PC's PSU also...???
  5. thnx a lot....

    u hv cleared my all doubts..
  6. That shouldn't have cleared all of your doubts. About the power supply he was saying if is the brand/model of your power supply that matters more than that it claims to have 400w.
    Tell us the brand/model. If it is a good one it can handle the HD5770. If not you will either have to replace it or get the HD5670(or perhaps the HD6670) instead.
  7. I have bought my pc in 2007-08, and i don't know what to tell about PSU.
    But, the description on it says
    Intex Smart Switching Power Supply
    Model No. = IT - 2040
    Pentium 4 ATX2.03 400 Watt
    AC Input: 220V 4A 50Hz
  8. So The OP Is From India, And I Am From India! The Intex 400W Costs 500Rs = 10$!
    So Hope You Guys Get The IDEA Now!

    @Sanjeevgopal: Look,Intex,Zebronics,Priya,Odyssey Etc PSU's are floating around in the indian market now. THey are cheap, real cheap, but they dont give out the amount of wattage they are supposed to!
    Please Get A Corsair/Antec PSU , But They Will Cost You Above 2000 Rs (40$) Here!
    I Got My Corsair 500W-V2(80 Plus Certified) For 3500 (70$)! Its Worth It Really!
  9. I've heard the FSP Saga II is usually available in India at a good price and it is a quality PSU.
  10. i just checked with my local dealer.. FSP Saga II 500W is available for 2500 Rs = 50$! And 400W For 2000 Rs = 40$!
  11. yeah get a reliable psu first then get something along the lines of a 6770/5770 like people have already said
  12. It says this:

    AC Input: 220V 4A 50Hz

    DC Output: +5V 40A -5V: 0.5A
    +12V 20A -12V: 0.5A
    +3.3V 28A +5VSB: 2A
  13. That Is A 400W PSU, And Yet It Delivers Only 20A On 1 12V Rail!
    12 x 20 = 240W! Thats Basically A 240W PSU Because its the 12V Rail Which Gives Off Most Of The Current!
    Thats The Quality Of A Cheap PSU!
  14. The best card I would try running on your current PSU is the HD5670/6670.
  15. +1 ^^^

    The 5670 Is An OK Card! It Has Dx11 But It Will Not Be Able To Run Dx11 Games Properly For Sure!
    If You Want Dx11 Power At Lower Resolutions, A 5570/6570 Is The Min. Requirement!
  16. Ok, i'll go with 5670.

    and can i also play PS2 games like i have God of War 1 & 2, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper 2, Darkwatch, etc in my PC after buying 5670.
  17. Yes, with the HD5670 your system should be able to run a PS2 emulator fairly well.
  18. ok

    can u also tell me the minimum psu requirements for 5770, like i have said above about my old PSU.

    I have got 50$ more for upgrading my PSU.
  19. If you spend the $50 on the FSP Saga II discussed above it can easily handle an HD5770.
  20. Thanks

    I'm on my way for FSP Saga II 500W and 5770HD.
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  22. The HD5770 should basically let you max out the settings in every game and get smooth frame rates on a 17" LCD like yours.
  23. I have one more thing to ask as i reached the shop, the dealer said 5770 HD and 6770 HD have same specifications and rates, so which one should i buy ?
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