Maximum supported memory for mobo is 16gb. What does that mean?

I just bought 16gbs of ram to upgrade from 4gb. I just remembered that mobos have a cap on how much ram they can support, so I looked up mine. It says 16gb. But, the problem is that I bought 2x8gb worth of ram. Does that mean my mobo will only support 4x4gb? Or will the 2x8gb work in 2 of the 4 slots?
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  1. Since you already bought the ram, why not try it out and let us know? :)
  2. I don't have the ram yet. I sure someone knows the answer to this question.
  3. In any case, I would think that the limit in for each slot - so only 4GB sticks would work. Why would the mobo support only 16GB if it would have 4 slots with 8GB support?

    Google a bit and it looks like that is the case. 2x8GB won't work.
  4. I am googling and cannot find an answer to my question anywhere. You don't sound sure of yourself. The reason it should support 2x8gb is because 2x8=16 which is what it listed as the support. If that isn't true, they should list it as a maximum support of 4x4gb specifically if they don't want the damn consumer to waste his time, energy, and money buying the wrong product.
  5. 4 slots, max 16GB support.
    16 / 4 = 4GB per slot. Simple math. And as I said, why would the mobo be max 16GB if one slot is 8GB? Again, simple math 8 x 4 = 32GB.

    Sue them if you think that the specs listed are not stupid-proof enough.
  6. Once again, 8x2=16. It says it supports 16gb. It should support any possible configuration of 16gb. Let me make this simple for you: I can fit 2 8gb sticks in 2 slots out 4. Why would that not work? There is no reason. I came here asking if anyone knows a answer to my question, not someone who will argue with me when they don't have a definitive answer. If it turns out that 4x4 is the only possible 16gb configuration, then fine, but I need a definitive answer and by your responses you've proved you're not sure.
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