PC wont boot after cpu upgrade

I'm really stuck, I just got a AMD phenom II x6 1090t but ive installed it all, and my pc wont boot. I've tried resetting the CMOS, but still no avail, the old cpu works fine. Im thinking maybe i need to update the bios? How would i go about doing that?
My board is Foxconn A74ML-K. It's am3 compatible but I'm unsure if I need to update bios.
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  1. Updating the BIOS is never a bad thing so you might as well do it to eliminate it as an issue.


    BUT according to Foxxcon that board does not support any Phenom x2 higher than the 1065T.
  2. I think you must to update your BIOS because your mobo is am2+/am3 compatible , and phenom II x6 1090t is newer then your mobo.
  3. How do I update my bios? I've got the file and burned it to a cd but I cant boot from the CD
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