Why modern motherboards are plagued by this problem?

It has been 2 motherboards already ( or two computers ago) and in those two I have encountered this problem.
Basicaly I buy an expensive motherboard with a capacity of 24 gb of ram but they never detect all of it. For example the other one out of 24 detected 20 ( with a funny bug where sometimes it only detected 12 but after reseting it always dectected the 20). Now my new computer detects 16 out of 24. When it happened to me the first time I sent the board but the new one had it too. After testing all the sticks one by one in all slots I concluded that all were working but for some reason it never detected the 24. What is this?, it has to do with the ram brand?...I'm not sure if it is the brand of the motherboard ( or ram) because so far it has happened in two brands of motherboards and two brands of ram.
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  1. Are you using Windows 7 Professional or higher?
  2. Windows seven ultimate
  3. Can you be more specific on the board and modules you've used?
  4. Maybe you have just got some bad luck?
    can you please list the mobo and ram that you are using.
  5. The first one patriot DDR3 1333mhz

    Now corsair DDR3 1333 mhz

    First board was an EVGA classified x58

    the new one is ASus rampage III
  6. Are you running the latest BIOS for your board?
  7. I have never updated a BIOS in my life. I'm afraid of messing something up.
  8. okay, so to confirm, you are using this mobo:


    please specify which ram exactly. eg. 2x4gb Corsair Vengence Black 1600 kit, or whatever - the more details the better
  9. x58 are tri channel............... you can update off the desktop with software from the board manufacturers site.

    early ASUS boards ( x58 ) were terrible. don't know about EVGA.
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