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I have AMD Sartooth FX99be0, cpu:1090T... memory g-skill 8 gigs. 1600..corsair 850 psu. Sunbeam full tower. Graphic card is XFX 6870. The problem I have is I get freezes and BSOD when I am gaming. This weird, last while gaming and winning in BF 3, my pc got the bsod and had to hard start my pc, this where it get real weird, is the fact that mine friend who is gaming with me in another state, got the same thing happen to his pc too. I am not sure if you can help me or not, but when I start getting these problem with my computer, it worry me to no end. I am thinking that my processor is not up to par with morthboard.
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  1. Whats the BSOD error message/stop code? Without knowing that, its hard to debug the cause.

    Most likely culprit though is RAM. So test that with memtest86 in the meantime.
  2. I had problems too with the G-skill memory an ill change it with Corsair.Asus boards are very sensitive at memory.
  3. may be a virus problem
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