Building a budget rig : ASRock Z77 Extreme4

I'm planning on a budgeted rig that consist of the following

Mobo : ASRock Z77 Extreme4
CPU : i5 3570K
GPU : Leadtek WINFAST GTX560 1gb GDDR5 256bit
PSU : Gigabyte PoweRock 500W
HDD : WD Blue Caviar 500gb
SSD : Crucial m4 64gb
RAM : Kingston Value Ram 8gb (4gbx2)
Case : Aerocool Strike-X One Advanced

Are these okay? considering that i wont OC, or at most a minimal OC in the future (not really familiar with OC, never OCed before). I'm on a really tight budget here, if any recommendations please be it in the price range of the component being replaced.
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  1. Its ok to overclock your system. Extreme4 is very good for budget mobo. You can have good overclocking in that mobo.
  2. get an aftermarket cooler for OC....don't OC on the stock cooler
  3. I recommend a Hyper212 EVO or a Noctua dh-14. Both great aftermarker CPU air coolers. If your on a budget then get the 212EVO, its pretty cheap but does a good job and is well built.
  4. Yea, I plan to get an aftermarket cooler when i decide to oc which would be in the future. I'm not much of a hardcore gamer, I just wanna be able to play games like Dota II, HoN, Starcraft II, L4D2. But I'm not too sure about future games, so to be on the safe side I wan't a moderate PC to be able to play them just in case. Some criticized on the GPU i mentioned. Is it any good? Or can you guys recommend a better GPU around that price range. I'd don't mind forking out a little bit more money if I'll get a better bang for buck.
  5. Also, some suggested I change to a lower cpu if i was on a tight budget. Any comments? However i wan't the luxury of booting fast with the ssd, so i wouldn't consider omitting the ssd. I'm such a newbie.
  6. There isn't really a point on downgrading the cpu because then you will be going into the non unlocked version or down to a 2500k, I would recommend just saving up the extra cash and buying the 3570k with the z77 board. If you want to save money then you can downgrade the cpu and mobo to a 3470 with a h77 mobo.
    SSDs are pretty much a necessity on a gaming build so I wouldn't cut that out of the build. Or you could always wait untill you get some more money and then pick up a ssd, its not NEEDED for the initil build and you can easily transfer stuff later.
  7. okay, thanks. Then I'll keep the mobo and cpu. How about the GPU? some say it isnt a good gpu, could you recommend me one? btw its a 560 non ti. Again i dont mind forking out a bit more cash for a better bang for buck, if it is necessary
  8. Hhhhelpppp! =(
  9. I wouldn't honestly recommend anything from nvidia because iv never been a fan of them. Always used amd gpus and probably always will. If you want to move away from the nvidia cards then get a 7870. Iv got XFX's version of the card and it runs any game I throw at it on max settings. Prices have come down a lot of the cards too.
  10. If your are satisfied with your gpu, then keep it. What resolution are you using?
  11. Okay, I'm following your preference coz i haven't got a single clue about the companies and their reliability. And since you seem satisfied with your system, i assume they're good.
    I'm now considering HD6850 which is within my budget. OR if i decide to splurge abit I might get the 7850. The reason is, from where i come from, the prices doesn't differ by much between the 7850 and the 6870(which most people recommend) and i figured it'll be more worth it.

    However, I might purchase all the items listed by tomorrow, provided there are no other obligations. So I can only hope that this post reaches you guys in time... But if i don't purchase tomorrow, then it'll be during the coming week.
  12. The build looks awesome if you were to throw in the 7850.
    I you could push your budget a little more i would pick up a different power supply. Gigabyte is known for motherboards and video cards. and i doubt they make the PSUs themselves. probably just reselling others, although i'm not 100% sure about that. If you can, pick up an antec,corsair or seasonic PSU.
    Much more credible and awesome reviews everywhere (i use one :P)
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