Want to run crossfire, but 5 monitors

Hey all, quick question. I just got a 6790. To run three monitors, you need like DVI+DVI and Displayport.

With that being said, i have 5 monitors (19", 22", 27", 2x32s") that i want to run. But i want to run crossfire. But from what i have read, if i run crossfire, i only use the main car for displays. Which would still leave me with 3 monitors. I replaced my old 4870. Can i run crossfire with my two 6790's, and use my 4870 just for displays? What are my other options?

(The other monitor is located to the right)
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  1. Really? Alright. I dont plan on using eyefinity, just for extra space.

    Yeah, i was actually very surprised how well that card does by its self. I am running an amd hex core at 4ghz, 8gb ddr3, 4x vertex 3's in raid 0. Just started playing through FEAR2 again, and it maxes it out with only 1 card at 1920x1080.
  2. FEAR2 is old and easy to run though, it will have trouble with newer games
  3. humm. what are some newer intensive games? I have been playing Starcraft 2 ONLY for the last year. I just moved away from highspeed internet (yeah, tell me about it) so im getting back into games ive missed out on for the last year.
  4. yeah ditch the 4870 and just run the 6790's in xfire...... you'll need to use one dp adapter..but after that you can hook up the rest as you like where you like
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