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Astro a40s? worth the price if nto what is

i have turtlebeach dx11s right now looking to upgrade
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    NOt worth it, stay away from ALL of those "'gaming" headsets out there, you'll be better off with a good non-gaming headphone and a strap-on mic, will give you much better sound quality for the price.


    That'll blow away pretty much any gaming headset in the market, at any price.
  2. would it make sence to run that through my dss ? it takes stereo and makes it 7.1 ?
  3. There's a thing called dolby headphone that gives a very realistic 3d image on some stereo headphones, the ATH-AD700 included, not sure if that's what you're you're talking about but either way it's worth a try, they're still pretty damn good on plain stereo mode.
  4. do you actually own a pair?
  5. Yep, they were my first hi-fi pair of headphones after using several "gaming" headsets over the years, I've got better ones now but they cost nearly 3x of the AD700, I still use them for movies sometimes, they stick out for being very spacious sounding (due to the open design)which is also great for gaming.
  6. if only they had a diff color lol ill probably get them for my setup but its color def isnt gonna fit in with red and black lol
  7. It's sad that you value looks over SQ
  8. I got the a30's and wow they are good! But that was still when I was into console gaming, but now I am into pc gaming. Try something by corsair :P
  9. id going from the headset setup and dss server i have for 7.1 surround im pretty stuck on these when astro a40s are like 300 for the whole shibang
  10. I personally own Astro A40's and have done for about 2 years now.

    Ok so my take on them: Amazing headset, very comfortable, great sound quality. I don't really have and complaints at all!

    The cost: Ok so they ARE without a doubt, an expensive headset, but if you can justify using them on a regular basis, then the cost isn't the most important thing. When i bought my Astro's I was only working weekends and had 5 days a week free to play games, sad I know, but that's the situation I was in. On average each week I was probably spending about 5-10 hours per day on my Xbox playing COD and so the headset had ALOT of use. If I think of all the hours of use i've had from the headset compared to the total cost. I can 100% justify spending that kind of money.

    Ultimately, if your going to spend money on A40's and then only use them for say 1hour per day, I can't see it really being worthwhile. However if your going to be consistently using them for long period of time, on a regular basis, then 100% spend the money and get a premium headset.

    If you have to question the cost, then it probably isn't worthwhile for you. There are cheaper options available.

    In short, in my own experience, Astro's are worth every penny.
  11. 8-10 hours gameing a day ill be doing
  12. im going to go with the audiotechnicas, somethings are more important than looks i want a gaming beast on a budget not a looker
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