Ideas/Suggestions welcome for new build..

The time has come to get a new gaming rig and this time I thought I would try build one myself. After a week of reading forums, reviews, product websites and generally anything I can find I have come up with the following list of components. Any advice from seasoned builders would be massively helpful.

Tower - CoolerMaster HAF 922 or CoolerMaster Storm Enforcer
COOLER - Zalman CNPS9900MAX or Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme
CPU - i5 3.3Ghz
RAM - 4 x 4Gb G.Skill RipjawsX
PSU - OCZ ZS 750w ATX or ModXStream 700w Pro

I've changed from AMD to Intel, From Cooler Master to OCZ, From ASUS to ASROCK.. I need to get going really so I think this is my final list of components.

Any ideas suggestions would be good! Also feel free to suggest other things I should think about adding/changing. For example the RAM cooling fans? Are they worth it or do you think the cooling will be sufficient as is? The case has 2 x 200mm and 1 x 120 as standard, I could add one more of each if needed.

Cost is an issue so try not to suggest anything too expensive. All in all it looks like I'll be spending approx. 800GBP which in my eyes seems good value for money. Cheers in advance for any ideas/help.
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  1. Case: Both cases work fine, take your pick.
    Cooler: I wouldn't get Zalman, it works fine but the specialty fans are not so nice.
    H100 Extreme seems excessive, but if you want it it's effective.
    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ for a somewhat more budget oriented solution.
    CPU: You need to get i5 2500k, the one you have listed does not work with that mobo, it's for the older LGA1156 socket.
    GPU: Solid choice
    RAM: You will probably be fine with 2x4GB of ram, but it doesn't hurt to get more.
    Mobo: Sure you can get that mobo and it's a nice mobo, but also very expensive if you don't need all the features it has.
    Maybe check out the lower end versions of that board as well, like Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen3.
    But like I said it's not a bad choice, just pricy.
    PSU: Corsair TX750 V2 would be a good choice as well, or HX750 / AX750 if you have money for it.

    Your case should have enough cooling as standard.
    You don't need a cooling fan for the ram.
  2. Sorry I meant to link the 2500k that was a Monday Morning error at work ;)

    I did look at the Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen3 so it is a possibility.

    I picked the Zalman purely because I liked to look of it..

    Thanks for your feedback :)
  3. I'm just looking at the PSU you suggested. What benefits would I get from them in comparison the the ones I picked? Are Corsair a 'better' PSU manufacturer?
  4. As said above, I wouldn't recommend blowing such a large sum on the motherboard.

    Unless your running something like SLI GTX 580's with plans to add a third card, the ASRock Extreme4 Gen3 would be fine for CF 6950's and save yourself over $100.

    Recommended PSU brands include: Corsair, XFX, SeaSonic, Antec. The reason they are recommended is due to very high reliability, and very high quality of components used to make them. Efficiency rating is also important. Always look for reviews of the PSU before you buy, jonnyguru is a good website to check for this.

    CPU Cooler - Get the new version of the 212+, its called the "Hyper 212 EVO". Costs about $7 more, and has slightly better cooling (better heat-sink contact and higher CMF fan).
  5. No plans for three cards will definitely get a second 6950 at some point. Probably after christmas. I'll have a look at that cooler you suggested :) the mobos that I put in the original post were just two that I liked the look of but now two people have suggested extreme 4 (which I had seen and thought if originally) I'll more than likely go for that. I'm probably over thinking about things, its been my.mission for the past week to check everything out and try to come up with the best solution. Im definitely going to get it all ordered by friday this week. Cant wait to get it up and running!
  6. Another quick beginners,question. Does all the equipment come with the wires I need, our do I upgrade them if they do? Thermal paste; do I use the stuff supplied with the cooler or should I be getting a certain brand? Anything else I should be like little stuff I've mentioned above?
  7. Everything you need should come with all your components.

    The CPU cooler is supplied with thermal paste although I know some more "enthusiastic" builders will buy "better" separate thermal paste. Fundamentally the paste supplied with the cooler will be fine, spending more money on some fancy stuff isn't going to make much of a noticeable difference.
  8. Thanks for your help. Looks like im all ready then. Just need to decide fully which case to get. The enforcer I do like the look of and with no optical drive the front door doesn't bother me but am.still looking at other manufacturers. Again thanks for the input guys :)
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