Picking up either GTX 460 or HD 6870. Is one superior for CAD/3D?

I'm looking at both cards (along with the HD 6850 somewhat). Would any of the cards be superior to the other for CAD work? Solidworks, 3d Max, Inventor, REvit, Autocad? I don't have the money for a workstation card, but I would like to be able to use this computer for some lower end work. NOthing, extremely complex as of now. I'm leaning towards a XFX HD 6870 because it seems like the better card for gaming, but it's close enough to where if the GTX 460 is better for cad work I'd get that instead.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. neither of these cards is really a good choice for those apps.......id lean towards a workstation card......they'll handle light gaming as well

    try somthing like this


    or if you can afford it this


    if this is how you make money it will be a much better investment of your funds with a greater return

    good luck
  2. I cannot afford a workstation card and I'll be gaming more than using it for cad.
  3. ahhh.......cant go wrong with a 460......smooth as butter.......

    i loved mine .......it was this but the blue version

  4. So it'd be better than the 6870 for CAD? All the benchmarks for gaming puts the 6870 as the better card.
  5. benchmarks need to be taken with a grain of salt......they can never take YOUR system into consideration......ive owned both.....the 460 just ran smoother....vram is pretty important to cad....and both only have one gig......
  6. Wish I would have picked up the Zotac that wsa on sell recently.
  7. wow im sure there is more out there but it seems as tho the 460 will be ALOT better with its CUDA cores.........
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