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I interested in the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum package, but not just becuase of the board. I really think I would like the convience of the 5.25" bay module that comes with it. Does anyone have any comments on this? Do any other manufactures make anything similiar.
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  1. Hey Shay
    We sell heaps of these cards and they are great, there is a lot of crap on the market and at least Creative is a known company and have good tech support if you need it (In Aust anyway, I thought Id add that for all you flamers out there!) And yes its very handy to have the panel for the front of your pc, only thing is with my Live and my Raptor bay, Im running out of bays, Time for a bigger case methinks
  2. I have a sound blaster platinum with the live drive. I really like it and I would not like to go back to not having one. I have a server case and am also running out of bays, my only other complaint is that it adds one more ribbon to an already cluttered case. Beyond that make sure that you get the newer live drive with the optical ins and outs. not the older one.

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  3. The of the package with the newer live drive! is the Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1.

    Take your Pill, and get some sleep.
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