Inverter/CCFL replaced..Screen Still Dim. Thoughts?

It kills me to say this, but I'm stumped...

I have a DELL LATITUDE D830 in my posession. It was brought to me with a dim display, with the client saying it was dim on one side, bright on the other. Naturally, my first thoughts were "Okay, probably the CCFL."

I get my hands on the system and, sure enough, the CCFL had burned out. Of course, at that point the CCFL burns out COMPLETELY, leaving me with a dark screen. Thankfully, he provided the CORRECT CCFL and inverter (part no., and all. Brought a tear to my eye.)

Here's the thing: I've replaced both the CCFL and inverter and... Now the CCFL definitely works, as the bottom of the screen is lit-up (although, the bulb is lit, and perhaps an inch or so of the bottom of the screen), but the rest of the display is dark. It still works perfectly, boots fine, etc., but dark.

Also, I've replaced the LCD Power cable with one from an identical system that was scrapped, on the off-chance it was the cable. No change.

Also, also, I've tested this machine with an external monitor from the VGA port on the back, which works perfectly, which - I think - rules out the video card being an issue.

I'm at a loss. Thoughts?

EDIT: Also, also, also... The LCD is dim from pre-POST/DELL screen through to Windows.
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  1. no chance that the brightness is all the way down is there???

    not try'n to patronize you...
  2. Heh. I knew I forgot to mention...

    Unmentioned, but yes, that was the very first thing I tried. No dice. I hammered the Alt+Arrows for all they were worth.
  3. could be a problem with the internal power regulation.......sometimes *** just breaks!!!
  4. While this is true, it seems that the display is the only thing affected, as the rest of the machine is operating at peak performance (or as peak as a Lat. D830 can at this stage.)
  5. it may have to be relegated to desktop service???

    mod it up......take that screen compleatly off the machine stick it in front of the monitor for an (almost)all in one!!!
  6. Personally, that's about as clost to my current thought as I can get. It's not my favorite idea, though. Of course, I could sit here all day and swap parts/check voltage/etc.

    Still, it seems to me to be a good course.

    I'll hold out for a second (third, fourth or fifth) optinion though. Anyone?
  7. Final tally:

    CCFL was replaced, bulb was bright, but only the bottom of the screen was lit.
    Inverter was replaced, part determined to be working.

    It turns out that a full replacement of the LCD screen was in order. Picked up a replacement for the machine and -- BAM -- Worked like a charm.

    Didn't -want- to go that far, but at least the machine is portable again!

    Thanks for the assist badtaylorx.
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