Upgrading my dell e521

I am new at upgrading computer parts and the fact I was able to remove the memory of my pc and put it back on my computer prompted me to upgrade my dell.

My computer has 442 mb of ram , amd 64 X2 dual core processor 3600+.
I am going to upgrade the ram and add 1g to it. and i am going to install a sound card.

What kind of sound card should I look into? If I get a powerful sound card will it overpower my computers memory? I plan on getting a sound card under 30 bucks. I want to replace my sound card since the midi is out of tune. Also I want to be able to use it for guitar rig.

Should I get 16 bit or 24 bit ? I will not use 5.1, just 2.1, so is it pointless to get a soundcard that supports 5.1? What other things should I know for the sound card?

im thinking about getting this. Would this be a significant improvement over the integrated soundcard of my dell?
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  1. I've always noticed an improvement, and you can't go wrong with the price. I would also get a speaker system with base box eventually. Have you upgraded the video card lately?
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