Creaky Dell E520 - what to do?

I have a Dell E520. I am trying to keep it viable for a year or so until the AMD next gen comes out.

Core Duo E6300 1.86Ghz
965 Dell Mobo (the specs say up to 800MHz FSB)
2x500M 233Mhz RAM
2x1G 400Mzh(from my faulty memory) RAM
Zotac video card on the way to replace an old one.
Win XP

Used for basic web, n**flix, no real gaming, home office, no video transcoding.

Do you think upgrading the memory or CPU would be more cost effective?

What speed memory would you pick?

Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Hmm. You don't really need anything more for what you do with your computer.

    I would say...the most cost effective thing you can do right now is save your money and just buy a completely new system later on.

    Also that's an old system - so you probably already are maxed out on memory (i'm guessing you don't have a 64bit OS as well). Any upgrade to your computer would probably be a pretty moot point.
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