Pc Cuts out on boot up after installing PCI-e card.

Good evening all. I hope someone could help me with a problem I have encountered whilst installing Radeon Sapphire X800 GTO pci-e graphics card.

Having physically installed the card, and rebooted the PC it will power up and the boot screen appears on the monitor but within approximately 30 seconds the PC just switches off/ cuts out. Even if I interrupt the boot by pressing delete and enter the Bios settings, the PC still cuts out after approx 30 seconds.

I checked the settings for my Motherboard (ECS Geforce 6100PM M2 V2.0) and it states that after installing a PCI-e card it will automatically detect and disable the on-board graphics controller, which I presume it is doing as I do get to see the boot screen on the monitor.

So I am now left wondering whether I should have carried out any other task before installing the card. Or is the issue that the PSU (WinPower ATX450W) is not up to the job? Or maybe even if the card is compatible with my motherboard.

Any advice is will be gratefully received.

Cheers in advance of any replies.


ps: this is my first post so if I have left any vital peice of information out, please let me know.
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  1. if its hard powering off, then the power supply is likely faulty, or not powerful enough.
  2. Firstly thanks for taking the time to reply. When it cuts out, all the fans stop, the neon fan light, hard drive light and card reader light all go out, the light surrounding the power switch on front of case goes out and the display switches off. But one light stays on, I think it is the Power on indicator, it has a little symbol of a light bulb next to it.

    So would you say that is hard powering off and a sign of a power issue. Or is the only way to know for sure by getting a new PSU. If so how big a unit may I need?
  3. its either a power issue or overheating. If the CPU overheats the system will shutdown. You dont need a very powerful psu for that system. Quality and brand is more important than wattage rating. Many of the cheaper brand lie about the wattage ratings. Stick with a 400w+ unit from antec, corsair or seasonic brands. They always produce good quality PSU's.
  4. Ok. Well I am gonna discount overheating at this point as it happens within 30 seconds of start up on a cold machine, and when I switch back to onboard graphics I don't have the issue.

    Thanks for your advice I shall look into one of the branded psu you have listed. I will let you know how it goes.
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