ASUS Sabertooth 990 r2.0 double bios screen and other issues

I just recently bought an ASIS Sabertooth 990 with an AMD fx8150 8 core black edition processor. Upon booting my bios screen shows up, then it shows some detection screen to fast for me to read, then it shows again. Is this normal? Also on occasion it refuses to boot. I have all current drivers and bios and a fresh install of win7. I have 16 gb of corsair 1600 vengeance ram, a thermaltake 600w power supply, 2 hdd's which I did test both are good, and 2 GTX 690's. I've tried flashing the bios a few times with the same error.

Tech support was no help and wanted me to pay to resolve this. BOOO! :pfff:
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  1. Oh forgot to say that also very randomly a USB device (no discrimination on which goes out, it's random) will disconnect, then reconnect. I found that very odd. Like I said everything is up to date and installed correctly, clean install of win7 and bios has been flashed to latest build numerous times.
  2. Bump. No one knows of this issue?
  3. I Also have this with my R2.0 board, updated to the latest bios 0906, and it still does this, logo loops approx 3 times if switched on, and random failed starts, also having issues with win 7 ultamate x64 since installing on this board, which is making me wonder if the board is duff, i had a spout of 3 older asus board a few years ago which all has similar bios issues all were deemed faulty by the seller (ebuyer who tested them on return) any help would be brill
  4. Have you tested with only one RAM stick installed?
  5. alexoiu said:
    Have you tested with only one RAM stick installed?

    I will try that when I get back in town. Does 778hz (1600) ram conflict with this board? I find that odd since the board says its compatible. I also keep having USB slots disable and enable randomly. I'm really starting to hate this board. I might just return the darn thing with all the trouble it's giving me. Will putting the ram sticks in separate rail groups cause an issue? With my ram I would only get 667hz in coordinating slots, and read that if you put them on separate ram rail groups and manually set the speed to 778 (1600) it will be correct. I verified this to be correct with CPU-Z. Running at 778hz (1600) now. I really like the design and features of this board but to be honest I would not reccemend this board to snyone with the problems I'm having
  6. It's normal i run that board!
  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    It's normal i run that board!

    It is normal to have failed boots and USB devices disconnecting and connecting randomly? I don't think so
  8. No the dual boot screen is!
  9. Bump.
  10. Tried the one ram stick. Still has failed boots and dusconnecting USB devices...
  11. Since the board is under warranty, I would RMA it. You can also test it outside the case, on a cardboard. If still the same...
  12. Guess I missed this thread before, but basically yes, the double POST is normal. The reasons for it are deep into the weeds, so suffice it to say it's to test the BIOS settings and make sure they're sane.

    As for the other issues, I would certainly encourage as much testing as is reasonably possible before sending it in, just because it's a hassle to swap out a motherboard, but it sounds like you've got a reasonable case for an RMA.
  13. Sending in my board = no paycheck until I get the board back. I just can't afford a RMA at the time:/. Any alternatives? Have you heard of my USB issue?
  14. Yibbachester said:
    Sending in my board = no paycheck until I get the board back. I just can't afford a RMA at the time:/. Any alternatives? Have you heard of my USB issue?

    The 990FX R2.0 is part of our Premium Service program, meaning that you can request a cross ship for the first RMA. If you want to send me a PM or email I can give you a few of the particulars. Also, if you have the case number from when you called in and were asked to pay for support, I can look into that as well. That doesn't sound normal, but I'll have to reserve final judgment until I've had a chance to look into it more.
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