Crashing keeping me from Battlefield 3 =(

Hello guys, I've been having one hell of a week. Battlefield 3 beta just started friday and my system mustof figured it out because i can't stop it from crashing.

For reference here is my build:
Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.7Ghz running w/ a corsair all in one water cooler. Temps: 36-50c idle/load
HIS Radeon HD 6870 - stock settings, runs 42c-70ishc under load.
8GB OCZ ddr3 10666
32gb Corsair SSD (games)
300GB Samsung HDD (OS, FILES)
Antec Earthwatts 550w PSU

Firstly, i realized my OCZ memory wasn't configured correctly. Would crash just loading into windows, reconfigured to 10666 @ 7/8 and 1.7V timing seamed to solve that issue. After playing a game for one round in BC2 i would crash, figured it was temp issues so i cleaned out my case/heat-sinks. Now usually I can pass Prime95 for 10 minutes and temps are running amazing, all 30s except for GPU. :hello:

Now it seams to run pretty stable, except for the fact that Battlefield 3 closes after 1-2 rounds of gaming. The first thing i see as it crashes is my CCC windows showing >70C temperatures, but the OS doesn't crash as all. Any idea what could cause this crash consistently every time? Maybe my memory/mobo/harddrive/PSU/CPU is dying? Wait.. well that's about everything lol. Guess you could say I'm clueless at this point. Memory passed memtest for longer than i was willing to wait, so this doesn't seam to be the problem. :fou:

Thanks for reading. 8) :bounce:
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  1. Nobody else having this issue? I can't even complete a whole game..
  2. nope
  3. Well first did you update your video drivers to the beta version? both nvidia and ati have special drivers just for this game.Also there has been an update on the game as well have you done this? i have seen servers crashing but i really don't have an issue with it.
  4. Yes did the driver update.. seams my problems have to deal with the video card running hot, as keeping it under 70C it won't crash, as it approaches that its done instantly. Running in windowed mode allows me to play for longer, so im almost positive this is the problem. Reseated the heatsink on my 6870 with AS compound.. So now im playing 2-3 games before crash.

    My case is an Antec 300, with 2 front 120mm fans, one top 120, one side 120, and the Corsair all in one hydro system with the 120mm on its heatsink blowing out the back. Everything else runs very cool, not sure how I can possibly do anything else? Any ideas?
  5. Did you try increasing the fan speed on the card manually? I'm not familiar with the HIS Radeon HD 6870 but I'm sure that they have some sort of program to let you set fan speeds to help the card when its on load. As for your airflow in the case, it seems that you got a negative pressure set-up, which is fine for the GPU... so no problems there.
  6. Yes, with it over 50% it gets noisy but i've learned to deal with it. Only trying to increase it further as a last resort. I thought 70C temps for this card were normal though? If anyone else with a similar 6XXX card can chime in with temperatures and crash info that'd be awesome.

    And thanks for the replies guys. =)
  7. Also as an update: One instance caused my entire computer to shut down, where as usually just BF3 itself will crash. The OCZ heat spreaders do run a little warm but i do not feel like this is an issue.. maybe more memtest is in order. ^.^
  8. Event log is piled up with entrys, some of which include ATIetcetc. That means its likely card temp maybe? seams as if the memory on the card may be cooking..
  9. just noticed my +12v rail is running at over 16v. Here are the readouts from speedfan:
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