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I want to know as can I assign 2 different IP i.e (1) 192.168.0.xx an (2) to one machine having 2 ethernet cards. I am using 1 for local intranet and 1 for Net connection.
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  1. Yes you can. The first one Local LAN (192.168.0.xx) [this is connected to your switched hub with the rest of other computers] and the other for Internet connection [this is connected to your modem] (not exactly with the 192.168.1.xx address - depending on what the ISP set it to be). It could be set to obtain IP automatically.
  2. Thanks for the reply.I am fine with the 1st one (the one which is connected to switch for connecting to other computers). But the other one will be connected to a load balancing router which must have the IP in the range of or 192.168.0.xx. So please let me know as is that possible.
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