In need of upgrades, but where to start?

So I bought my computer 3 years ago from a company here in Sweden who lets you choose your parts but they put them together.

Anyway here's my build:

• Asus Striker II Formula, nForce-780i SLI
• Tagan 2-Force II Series 800W, ATX12V
• Intel Core™2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz Socket
• GTX 280 (not sure of which exact version)
• OCZ DDR2 PC6400 4GB KIT, Reaper HPC
• Windows Vista Ultimate...
• Not exactly sure of the harddrive but I know it's kinda rubbish
• Running on 1920x1200

And now I'm lookinig into upgrading my comp but I dont know where to start...

I use it mostly for gaming and some occational video/photo editing.

Budget is something I havnt set yet due to not really knowing at to what extent it needs upgrading.
But I'd guess keep it as "low" as possible but above average.

Let's say I have 900-1500$ at my dissposal

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  1. Start with the RAM add 4gb. Make sure you have correct type of ram for your mobo and if you can handle the upgrade. Then upgrade video card. You have a great PSU so if you want too just add another GTX 280 and run it in SLI if that is an option and your system can afford it. If not i suggest upgrading to a single gtx 570 if your PSU and MOBO can handle it. You may want to upgrade the OS too. Windows 7 is a much better rated and smoother OS. You may also want to put the new OS on a solid slate drive. Since you said your hard drive is rubbish add the new solid slate tech to your system. You may want to OClock your CPU since its kindev outdated and its only a dual core. Not much upgrade there. But be advised the Upgrades i just mentioned above may or may not be totally compatible with your system. Please contact someone you know and trust to advise you about the upgrades. Make sure your system can handle it. These are just suggestions.
    Total cost of these upgrades
    RAM: 40$ since its ddr2 unless its high speed gaming memory
    GTX 570: 350$
    Windows 7: 150$ on average depends what type you want. Get 64 bit cuz of your RAM
    SSD: 70$ for a 32 GB quality item.
    OC: Shouldn't cost you anything if you do it yourself. Unless you wish to provide the system with sufficient cooling than maybe 25$
    TOTAL COST:Somewhere between 600 and 700$ if you bought all the items listed above if they are even compatible.
  2. If you got 1500 to spend wait till christmas and the new technology. You can get new proccesor and new Graphics card. Just buy a new computer or build a new one not sure what your technical skills are.
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