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OK I am a newb so bare with me. I am looking for a CPU upgrade for my HP pavilion here are the current specs. Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061 Mainboard:ECS Asterope3. Chipset: ATI RS400/RC400/RC410. Memory:2 GB DDR2-SDRAM Processor: Intel Pentium 4 631 single core. I have contacted HP and they gave me a 800# for there oem parts and the guy really sounded confused and gave me two options as follows. AMD 2.0GHZ 64x2 or Intel 1.86GHZ DCT1350. When I was looking on eBay and new egg the only ones close all said they were for laptops. This is very confusing and I hate to take it to the local PC store or Best Buy as the counter fee would be more than the PC is worth. Any help would be truly appreciated.
Thanks, Dan
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  1. dont buy any parts from HP, its a total rip[ off. They will charge you more than new prices for parts that superseeded. The only real way to upgrade your computer is to get new motherboard cpu and ram. You could look on hp's support page to see the fastest available cpu for your motherboard and find that cpu on ebay. Dont buy from HP, you may as well buy a new computer for what they will charge.
  2. I was just using HP to find out what was the max CPU I could put on my current board. I will only be replacing that and I see they are real cheap on ebay. I really am not interested in replacing anything else thanks for the quick response!
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