Upgrade processor from amd athlon 64x2 4200

I have a question and hope someone here can help me. My son has just bought a new game(Section 8)for the computer and it says the minimum requirements are Windows Vista or XP(I have XP Media Centre Edition), Intel or AMD 3Ghz or better(we are AMD Athlon 64X2 2.21 Ghz) memory 1GB XP with 6GB hard drive space(I have a 3TB external drive which the game will be loaded on) - now for the real question - the video card - it says NVIDIA GeForce 7800+ DirectX 9c Shader 3 256MB(we have a NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 430). Will this game work - or do I have to upgrade?
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  1. The GPU does not make it the 6100 is not as good as the 7800!
  2. 6100 is a onboard gpu
    my board have geforce 6150 nforce 430, which is toooooo...... Slow, you definately need a new graphics card

    if you want some suggestion on gpu then post details of motherboard and your budget.
  3. Ok -thank you - what motherboard details specifically do you need. Give me a list of items you need the info and I will follow the list. My budget isn't big but I have no idea how much this might be.
  4. Most important is what motherboard and what PSU apart from budget! This tool can help you find info on the board http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
  5. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2181994

    That link should show you what I have - if you need more info - let me know
  6. Being an Acer, do you know the PSU size and is the system in a small form factor case?
  7. off hand I do not know the PSU size - I will have to take the cover off to find out. As for the case size - it is a standard off the shelf desktop tower - front face is 7x14 and it is 16 1/2 deep
  8. you will definately need a new graphics card

    cpu upgrade is not that much needed

    budget please

    i think section 8 uses phyx so try to get nvidia card
    gtx550t for 160$
    or gts 450 for 110$

    ati card not support phyx,(not much recommended as they do not support phyx)
    Or ati 6770 for 110$
  9. looking at his config i dont think the psu will have enough juice to run 550t or a 6770 as i seriously doubt a stock psu to have a 6pin connector rail
    if we get the psu wattage and the wattage on the 6pin rail if any we can suggest something. as far as 6100 is concerned, as the other guy said its onboard integrated and u should look for a more dedicated gpu. Your processor will do fine but dont expect it to play games great even if u upgrade ur psu and graphic card to a much better one, as im sure the 64x2 4200 will bottleneck higher end cards.
    please provide psu wattage and mobo info
  10. oh yes the psu

    you will need a 450-500w good quality psu with combined continuous current of 30a on 12v rail

    30-40 dollers for psu like sega 2 500w

    cpu is enough for now
    for cpu upgrade you will need to contact acer, it is am2 socket so i think it can support phenom cpu (can not say on tdp)
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