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I have an HP Elite desktop, model HPE-410t. It currently runs with a Geforce 315 1MB card which is quite weak. What are you recommendations for a card upgarde within the $100 - $150 range? I wish to run games such as Witcher 2 on at least medium spec.

Your input is greatly appreciated.
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  1. A few gtx 460 and hd 6850 are under 150 if you don't mind those dam rebates.
  2. It appears that my PS output is only 300 W. Will that handicap my options quite a bit, or is there still hope?
  3. A 50 dollar psu can power both those cards if you have enough cash.
  4. Witcher 2 s a very CPU demanding game.So it will be very hard to come close to medium settings on your budget.Your also going to need to upgrade your PSU to support a better card.I would reccomend going with the 6770.

    Do you have the i5 or the i3?

    Sapphire Toxic 6770 $120=$100 after MIR + Free Shipping

    Antec 430 watt $44 + Free Shipping

    With a 6770 you should come close to medium settings depending your resoultion and processor.I also suggest if you can.
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