Build based on AMD's APU A8-3850

Hello, I'm considering building a PC, and I've been reading so I don't screw it all up, as it is the first time I build a PC.

As I can't spend too much I was considering the AMD's APU A8-3850 as my start point. So, there won't be a discrete graphics card. Here are some links to the components I've considered so far:

APU A8-3850

MotherBoard: Gygabyte UD2H

RAM Memory: Kingston (2x4GB)

HDD: 1.5TB Western Digital Caviar Green

I was wondering, what PSU would fit this configuration? Would it be necessary a heatsink/CPU cooler for the APU? Is necessary a fan for the RAM? What CPU case would you recommend me?

I was looking at this case

Would it do the job? Will extra fans be required?

Thanks in advance... All help and advice is much appreciated. Anything you think I should change please just let me know.
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    The processor ships with a heat sink and fan . You must use it , or an aftermarket model . For your purposes you can safely stick with the AMD model .

    Your case looks entirely appropriate . It looks good , will have plenty of space since you are fitting a m-ATX motherboard , and the cooling is adequate for this build .
    If you added a graphics card later you would also add more fans to move cooling air in to the case .

    The memory ......... its hard to tell . Llano wants memory that runs at 1.5 volt or less and Im fairly sure those are 1.65 volt . Llano also benefits from having higher memory frequency since the graphics use this memory too . Unless you are editing videos or using a 64 bit image manipulation program [ adobe CS5 ] you dont really need 8 gig .
    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 MHz $50

    What power supply you will need is dependent on whether you will add a graphics card later . For a general purpose pc you will never need to do that and can use a 300 - 400 watt psu
    If you add a graphics card later then its smarter to look at 500 - 600 watt units
    What ever you use it should have a feature called " active PCF " .
    If it doesn't have that its junk
  2. I really appreciate your answer... I'l take all that into consideration... I was watching the memory you suggested, and I must say that I want to have this PC almost unchanged for at least 4 years.

    Is frequency so critical in Llano, will going from 1600 to 1866 MHz that good? :)
    How about this 8gig G.Skill Sniper

    I sometimes use PhotoShop and I want to use AfterEffects... I'm just a begginer, nothing pro or from college, just me and a little creativity time :)

    Something I forgot to mention is that I would like to do some gaming(e.g. Dirt 3, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 3)... Would I be asking too much, without the discrete graphics card?

    EDIT: Another thing, for example if I take the 2x2GB memory, can I later add more memory(e.g. 2x4GB, or will it accept just 2GB modules, as it uses dual channel architecture and they'll need to be 1866MHz)?

    Thanks :D
  3. There are 4 slots for RAM on your motherboard so its possible to add another kit later . The ram pairs are installed in the color coded slots.

    This whole article is very good , but this page in particular shows how Llano's performance changes when you use different speed memory

    Everything is a compromise of price and performance so where you draw that line is up to you , and will depend on usage . If you play games more then I think less faster RAM , if you multitask more then more slower RAM is the solution
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