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Hey all!
This is going to be my first build and I am pretty friggin excited. My only concern is that because I am a newb to the computer building game and I might mess something up in the decision making phase. So I ask you all fine humans to help me out and give me some feed back on my choices so far. My goals for the build will be gaming at 1080p (hopefully ultra settings if possible), Editing video and audio, and general internet surfing. preferred online vendor: Newegg. Thanks for reading! mouse, keyboard and 1080p monitor are not in the price.

Cpu: i5 2500k

Mobo: ASRock z68 extreem3 gen3

Gpu: msi 560 ti 2gb TF/OC

Ram: 8bg corsair vengeance

Case: NZXT phantom black/ green trim (looks cool and one of my on the fence decisions)

HDD: Samsung spinpoint 1tb 7200rpm 32mb cache

DVD: 24x dvd burner

Psu:corsair enthusiast 750W

Cooler: hyper 212 plus

Wireless: Rosewill 8023.11 b/g/n adapter

Thoughts? I am currently at $1035.90 before rebates. I would like to get some more power out of it, but my budget can't go much over 1000.
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  1. <---- Buy that case from amazon and save yourself $30.

    That 2GB 560ti is a hose job. Save yourself some more money... $224.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping
    MSI GeForce GTX560 1 GB DDR5 2DVI/Mini HDMI PCI-Express Video Card N560GTX TI TWIN FROZR II OC

    And whatever you not get that RAM you have posted up above unless you plan on using it to comb your hair. The heat spreaders on that RAM will impede that CM cpu h/s and you will be screwed. Get some RAM with lower profile heat spreaders...G.Skill ripjaws, Corsair makes low profile RAM, Mushkin, whatever...but not that RAM.
  2. How is this ram?

    So the 10% increase overall from the non(Ti) to the (Ti) is not worth the extra 40-50 bucks?
  3. if you go non ti, just get a 460 instead. non ti is essentially and overclocked 460. you'll notice the msi card he recommended is still a 560 ti, but you don't need more than 1 gb of vram for resolutions of 1080p and below
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    xbm greatsoldier said:
    How is this ram?

    So the 10% increase overall from the non(Ti) to the (Ti) is not worth the extra 40-50 bucks?

    That MSI card I posted to amazon is a 560(ti). The 2GB version doesn't really give you anything more unless you plan on running dual monitors...then it would be worth it.

    And yep, that G.Skill Sniper will work just fine.
  5. Thanks guys, I do plan on eventually running multiple monitors. However that all boils down to the cash on hand. So I think I'm just going to go with the 560ti GB for now and upgrade when i get the cash. Thanks for the cheaper deals!
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