Upgrading 5770 and Nvidia 8600s. $200 or less if possible.

Well, its not quite that time for me, but it is for a few of my friends. So let me detail the situation. Upfront, I built all three computers, and since mine worked well, I pretty much duplicated the build. Its an Asus M4AXTD Evo, sporting an Phenom II 950 and 960 respectively, with a 750 watt PSU and 4 gigabyte G-skill ram clocked at 1600.

The question is this, I'm running a ATI Radeon 5770 by sapphire, which is running smoothly on a 23" 1920x1080 hdmi monitor, (which 2/3 are using).
The problem is the card is almost gone, and the only manufacturer I see lately is MSI's Frozr, which I've heard of quite a few failures or black outs especially in regards to Windows 7.

That being said, its hard to find a cost effective, mid-range card with respectible reviews. With the 67-- and 68-- series being quoted as underpowered to their earlier counterparts, and the newer fermis still chugging power but not quite as hot, yet still not price effective, I find myself unable to find them a reliable upgrade. (pardon the runon.)

I'm sure we're all interested in skyrim amongst a few other titles in the future as well, so finding a future proof solution (teehee, right?) is a little sketchy as well. Thanks for all your insight.
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  1. Also forgot to ask a list of fairly reputable manufacturers since some of them are bunk now and some of them are closed off from Nvidia. Back when I got the 5770, people were recommending PowerColor, XFX, MSI, sometimes Sapphire.
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