Does AMD 965 BE support turbo core?

Asus board came with software for overclocking and turbo core. AMD website refers to turbo core only on the X6 chips, and not the X4's. Have it enabled, and seems to work (multiplyer will swing up to 18.5 from base of 17), but am worried about instability due to incompatibility.
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    its only for the 6 core processors, so it may be activated in bios or wherever, but may not be doing anything
  2. It's through Asus Turbo V EVO. Like I said, enables, it show's 1or 2 cores at a time going up to as much as 18.5 from a base of 17. This would indicate 3.7 GHz, up from 3.4 at base. The software loaded and ran, so I tried it. Then, I read on the AMD site that the X6 specifically included this ability. They call it Turbo Unlocker. I guess it's not actually Turbo Core. Thanks
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