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Ok guys here is my problem... I have purchased the motherboard intel dp55kg with the cpu 655k. The bios that is in my motherboard is an older version and doesnt work with my cpu... I need to update the bios on my motherboard to the one that intel has on their website but I cant do it since I cant even get through the post.... Any suggestion or ideas?? Thanks everyone

the board revision e47218-403 and the bios is 3206

Ive tried flashing with a usb stick and the mobo doesnt wanna read the usb ports.. I dont know if I have to get a chip that will work with the board now than swap them or what...
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  1. Yes, you will need a CPU that the mobo will recognize to flash the BIOS. For more info, go here:
  2. can you tell me which cpu will work with the dp55kg with the e47218-403 revision and bios 3206 please
  3. Click on the links that say "Multiple Values" under Min BIOS Version for the info. That will expand the fields and provide that information.
  4. from the looks of it there isnt a single cpu that I can run without any updates to bios...
  5. actually can you help me with this if I cant figure out which chip would work..Which board can I buy that will run this chip without this hassle..grrrrr
  6. Since you can't post the system, what makes you think you have 3206 BIOS? And, are you sure about the board revision?

    Any CPU that is listed with 3206 BIOS (regardless of the board revision) will likely work. The least expensive should be the G6950, if you can find one.

    Your best best might be to exchange the mobo. Just something to consider.
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