Computer not turning on after pulling surge power strip from wall

Hey, I was about to go on vacation for a couple days and had to unplug everything from the wall. It was simple because everything is connected to a surge protector and i just unplugged that from the wall. But i had to get on the computer for something real quick and when i plugged the surge back to the wall, the computer wont turn on at all, everything else worked but the computer....
what do you guys think is wrong?
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  1. Did you make sure you flipped the switch on the power supply to the on position? Then did you make sure the cable didn't get loose and disconnect when you unplugged the surge protector?
  2. Yes, I unplugged the power cords and replugged them in. I even tried different surges and walls. I even tried to switch power cords and no luck...
    any other ideas?
  3. Did you flip the power switch on the back of the power supply? There should be one on most power supplies. Otherwise check your power supply with a power supply tester found at any computer store such as bestbuy or walmart for example. They are around 8-10$.
  4. there was no switch on the power supplies. If i test this and it shows that nothing is wrong with it then, what else can be the problem?
  5. motherboard could be shot or the connection to the motherboard came undone somehow.
  6. How would i fix it if it became undone? and if it is shot would i have to buy a new motherboard?
  7. Reconnect it, should be the 20+4 atx connector and the 4-8 pin cpu connector that is on the motherboard without those the computer wont boot. Otherwise have you tried a different port on the surge strip or a different surge strip all together to elimate more possibilities.
  8. Yes i have tried different surge and walls, but nothing. Also i can not locate the 4-8pin cpu (a bit new to computers)? i realize that there is this one thing that says Gigabyte, and its a bit loose?
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