this is the computer I have and gives the details on the motherboard and everything.

this is the video card I JUST BOUGHT and is shipping to my house tomorrow. I'm just concerned that it won't fit/work. can someone PLEASE tell me whether or not this video card will fit/work in my pc??
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  1. yes it will work.
  2. there is an issue with the psu though. the psu is only 300w and may not be enough to fully power the computer and graphics card.

    Actually I just looked into it. I would advise getting at least a 500w PSU. The 300w will not be enough to power the graphics card. Your system will experience problems
  3. I have a HD 5670 on a Dell 280w PSU with no problems
    only draws 64w max according to AMD specs
    very low powered card
    in my research on card I found people running on 250w PSUs
    as long as you dont get crazy with HDs,Optical and PCI cards
    you will be fine
    no disrespect to hcshadow but they are wrong on this one

    A new more powerful PSU is always a good upgrade but not needed
  4. well the manufacturer recommends 400w. I had a 500w for a phenom ii x6 processor, this same card, bluray drive, 8gb ram, 5200rpm 2tb hdd and the power was stretched. I upgraded to 750 and its great. For his system he may not have problems now but if he wants to run games on his computer or cpu/gpu extensive programs he will definitely without a doubt need a better gpu. Sure you can use this card but if you want to run a game with max settings with this card you really do need a better psu.

    it all depends what your cpu will be used for.
    King smp you are correct but it depends what he uses it for.
    me personally, I max out the card by running sc2 on max graphics, bf2 on max graphics, and hopefully all future games on max graphics.
  5. I oc my HD 5670 to 900mhz core/ 4800 memory (1200)

    I play Crysis 2 DX9 at 1920x1080 Hardcore setting

    also Metro 2033 at 1280x1024 DX11 very high details

    the max draw of a HD 5670 is only 64w
    even with the OCing
    I am not going over 70w since I dont raise the voltage
    plus my E4500 is OCd to 2.93 (stock 2.2)

    I have played Crysis 2 for hours with no problems

    Now it is true that the HD 5670 is a budget card
    and for really maxed out gaming then the OP would
    need at least GTX 460 or HD 6850
    in which case they would have to upgrade the PSU

    It is always a good idea to have more PSU than you need :)
    a decent PSU can be had for under $50 USD with rebates on Newegg
  6. do remember with those videos that those were recorded with FRAPS
    and that the FPS is higher without is recording

    also if you want to OC a HD 5670 higher than 850core/1050mem (highest that
    AMD Overdrive allows)
    than you have to use ATI Tray Tool to OC it
    I have pushed the card as high as 910core/1250 (QDDR 5000) with that
    though it was 80F in the room at the time and wasnt completely stable
    with a cooler room in the winter (68F) I could probably keep that stable
    if not push it harder even
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