Will these changes improve my fps in Skrim?

I have two PC's

Dell inspiron 530

CPU - e5700 (3ghz stock)
MOBO - 0ry07
3gb RAM - 2 x 512, 2x 1gb
250gb 7200rpm HDD
GPU - AMD 5670 512mb
300w psu

Windows 7 ultimate sp1

Custom Build

CPU - E2160 (oc 2.2ghz)
MOBO - Asrock G31M - GS R2.0
2gb RAM - 2 x 1gb
80gb 7200rpm
GPU - Geforce 8400gs 1gb
550w psu

Windows 7 Ultimate sp1

I'm playing skyrim on my dell pc with the resolution at 1920 x 1200 (24inch Dell) and i'm getting 35 fps average but if there lots of action or lots going on it can dip to about 20fps.

when i first loaded Skyrim it scanned my PC and set the graphics at high so that's what i've left them on.

Do you think the below setup would get my fps up to where they don't drop below 24fps even in battle.

CPU - e5700 (OC'd to whatever i can get it to on stock cooling)
MOBO - Asrock G31M - GS R2.0
2gb RAM - 2x 1gb
GPU - HD 5670 512mb
HDD 7200rpm 250gb
550w psu

I've heard that Skyrim is quite cpu intensive so i was hoping that if i OC'd the e5700 to hopefully 4ghz it would improve the fps in. I know id be loosing 1gb of ram but i cant think that it would matter to fps in skyrim.

If this wouldn't work then what would increase performance?

Anyways any and all advice is welcome.

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  1. from my stock 3.2 ive had mine up to 3.5-3.7 with no improvement, so i dont think it will get a major improvement... the gfx may be an issue... and you can always turn your settings down
  2. Spot on Kettu, it is also worth noting that Skyrim nexus is an absolutely fantastic website showing that the fans support the game for PC more than Beth actually seems to be.

    Some definite awesome improvements such as being able to ride a mammoth, better menu's etc etc explore that *** be spend hours trying the different stuff on there.

    Once you get skse you WILL notice the difference.
  3. I didnt know this existed. My Q6600 might get some decent frames with this.

  4. Might want to double the RAM you've got. 2gb will force a fair bit of file page usage which is really slow.
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