Adding more RAM be worth it

hi guys i like to know if i add more RAM to my computer would speed it up and help with crossfire i got 8GB already and might put a other 8GB more making 16GB in total

my specs

M/B asrock 990fx extreme 3
CPU FX 4170 @ 4.4
RAM Kingston Hyper 8GB @ 1600 (KHX1600C9D3K2/8G)
PSU powercool 750watts
GPU ASUS HD 7770 X2 (DC-1GD5-V2)
HHD 500GB SATA 3 (cant remember the make )
CASE Zalman Z9-U3 Mid Tower

i will use the same ram has i got now i just like to know if it would speed it up or slow it down
if any one would help due to what i found on amd site about my GPU

because it says 8GB or more for crossfiring so i thought add more ram would help with the GPU due to some game i get bad fps in any setting or bad micro-stuttering too

and also i like to know if any one has use the asrock X fast ram dose it speed up the system or not??

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  1. While gaming check your Memory usage in the task manager or any pc monitoring software, if your using over 70-75% constantly then an upgrade would be beneficial.
    If your using like 3/8 or around 50% then i don't really see a point in the upgrade unless you work with some sort of editing or rendering software.
  2. yes too much of ram does help any better i have 6 gigs of ram but even at full load with many application running at same time it never crosses 50% ram usage mark.
    better spend on something other.
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